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Indonesian Muslim Centre of Queensland (IMCQ) Ltd. is an organization that facilitates Indonesian muslims in the state of Queensland, Australia.

The members of IMCQ are Indonesian muslims living in Queensland. Most of them are undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are also many members who are professionals working in various sectors. Some of them work in education sector as lecturer and researcher. Some are working in local and multi-national companies. There are also government staffs and officials who serve in the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in the state of Queensland. They usually join along with their families too.

IMCQ was established on August 8, 2012 or 20 Ramadhan 20, 1433 H. It is founded as a place of da’wah for Indonesian muslims who want to spread Islamic values while also introducing Indonesian socio-culture to the people in Queensland. In addition, the establishment of this organization is also in order to make a positive contribution to the community, especially in the state of Queensland.

We realize that to achieve these goals, we need to be a strong and professional organization.  We have already initiated the step to actualize it, by making IMCQ an official organization recognized by the Queensland government. On October 9, 2013, IMCQ is officially an organization with Pty.Ltd legal entity status with Aris Winarno appointed as the first chairman.

In order to accelerate and strengthen da’wah, IMCQ felt the need for facilities and infrastructure that support its purpose as a center for da’wah, education and information. Therefore, IMCQ initiated the development of Indonesian Islamic Centre. The development of Indonesian Islamic Centre has started since 2013 with the purchase of a property that functions as the headquarter or secretariat office and center of IMCQ activities. The Indonesian Islamic Centre is necessary to accommodate the needs and optimization of da’wah as more and more Muslim citizens live in the state of Queensland.

On August 17, 2017, IMCQ managed to purchase an area of 4,507 square meters at 51 Station Road, Loganlea, Logan City. This land acquisition cost AU $ 880,000.00 (or around more than Rp9. 5 billion). This is funded by donations of the organization members, the general public, and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia is represented by Prof. Dr.  Dr. Mardiasmo, MBA., as Deputy Minister of Finance. He also participated in the official land acquisition event. Almost all IMCQ committees attended the event. It was also witnessed by the president of IISB (Indonesian Islamic Society of Brisbane), Yudi Suharto.

Currently, our focus is on running a fundraising program or waqf project to continue the development of Indonesian Islamic Centre in the state of Queensland. We really need support from various parties, both in material and non-material forms. Therefore, a platform such as this website is made to socialize the waqf project for Indonesian Islamic Centre . It is also a medium to facilitate everyone who want to provide support for us. For more information about this waqf project for Indonesian Islamic Centre, you can see it on the project page, please click here.

Historical timeline of IMCQ and the Loganlea Property

On 8 August 2012, coinciding with Ramadan 20 1433 H, the Indonesian Muslim community living in Queensland formed an organization called Indonesian Muslim Centre of Queensland (IMCQ). We do this with the spirit to raise funds in the effort to establish The Indonesian Islamic Centre in Queensland. The Indonesian Islamic Centre is needed to accommodate the growing number of Indonesian Muslims living in Queensland. Furthermore, the Indonesian Islamic Centre will help the development of Islamic Da’wah in Queensland in general. It’s a form of contribution from the Indonesian community.

Indonesian Muslim Centre of Queensland (IMCQ) is officially established with the legal entity of Pty Ltd. Here are 8 names listed as The Board of Directors in the deed of establishment of IMCQ: (1) Iman Partoredjo, (2) Hamid Mawardi, (3) Hendry Baiquni, (4) Budi Hartono, (5) Aris Winarno, (6) Febi Dwirahmadi, (7) Tri Yoso, and (8) Indrawan Maryono. Aris Winarno was appointed as the first chairman of IMCQ.

IMCQ purchased a  property at 15 Station Rd, Rocklea, Brisbane for AUD 235,196.00. The IMCQ activities such as congregational prayers, Islamic Studies, and fundraising were centered on this property until the vandalism incident committed by irresponsible people in early 2014. With good cooperation with the Queensland Police, the perpetrators were arrested.

After the consultation with the community, The Board of Directors decided to sell the Rocklea property for AUD 244,631.00. To keep IMCQ’s activities running, IMCQ temporarily rented a property owned by Brisbane City Council in Wally Tate Park, Kuraby. The land searching for The Indonesian Islamic Centre location continued while IMCQ activities took place at the temporary property in Kuraby.

IMCQ sent a fundraising proposal to the Indonesian government and Alhamdulillah they welcomed the IMCQ plan and provided funding support of AUD 478,182.

With funds from the community in Indonesia and the proceeds of fundraising in Australia, IMCQ was able to sign a contract for the purchase of 51 Station Rd property, Loganlea, covering an area of 4507 m2, for AUD 880,000

IMCQ officially bought the Loganlea property. The application for the conversion of the Loganlea property into The Indonesian Islamic Centre was filed to the Logan City Council shortly after the purchase.

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