Let’s take steps to make
Islamic Center in Queensland, Australia happen

Your support would be more than just a heritage in the form of a building. It would also become a heritage of Islamic culture in Australia.

IDR 25,000,000,000,- more needed
IDR 13,000,000,000,- has been collected 52%

Waqf Project

Building an Islamic Centre

This waqf project is to build an Islamic Centre consisting of a mosque and other facilities that supports it.

This Islamic Centre is not limited to ibadah/praying activities only. It will be the center for all kind of activities, including educational, social, cultural, and economic activities. It’s also a place for introducing Islam through syi’ar.

Why Did We Start This Project?

Queensland is a state in Australia where more than 3.000 Indonesians live. Most of them are university students, while others are professionals who work for corporations and governments.

With the growth of the Muslim population in Queensland, especially those who are Indonesians, the need to spread Islamic values and culture is increasing. Along with that, they also want to contribute to positive activities in the community. This calls for facilities that can accommodate it: an Islamic Centre.

IMCQ (Indonesian Muslim Centre of Queensland) was founded as a platform to make it happen. It began in 2013, and alhamdulillah has gained support from various sides, including the Indonesian government. Right now, we still need a lot of your support.

Let’s support us by giving waqf donations to build Islamic Centre and help spread Islamic values and culture in Queensland, or greater extent, Australia.

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Project in Progress

Formulated the concept and searched for land


Received support from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in the form of a grant of IDR 5 billion.

  • Purchased an area of 4,500 square meters (incl. a building) at 51 Station Road, Loganlea.

  • Got an approvement from the City Council to build a worship place.


Built a gazebo as a facility for outdoor training activities, fundraising activities, discussion, etc.


Your support would be more than just a heritage in the form of a building. It would also become a heritage of Islamic culture in Australia.

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“When a person dies, his deeds come to an end except for three: Sadaqah Jariyah (waqf), or knowledge from which benefit is gained, or a righteous child who prays for him”.


We hope that your support for the waqf project for the construction of the Islamic Center will become a jariyah deed that make its rewards will continue to flow.

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