Deco Cupcakes and Brownies Demo Bring Smiles to Children

Loganlea — Who says that IMCQ is prospering only through delivering Islamic lectures and arranging congregational prayer? The IMCQ Business Division, Dwi Ulfa and the team came up with a great idea to enliven IMCQ and continue to achieve success. One of them is by arranging various creative activities during children’s school holidays. Last September 29, 2018, the Deco Cupcakes and Demo Brownies event was held. The instructors for the Deco Cupcakes and Demo Brownies were Hana and Ari, both are experienced bakers.

“Alhamdulillah, the target audience is around 15 children, but the total participants were 10 people,” said Ulfa in Brisbane recently. She further explained that this event also became a place from anyone who has creative baking skills to share their knowledge to the IMCQ community.  Although the initial target has not been fulfilled, she is optimistic that in the future, this kind of activity will have more demand. “Insha Allah, we will hold it again. There are already some people who have asked for IMCQ to organise this activity in the next school holidays”.

Meanwhile, when asked for her opinion, Risha (11) felt that her holiday experience was more colorful this time. “It’s nice to know how to make brownies,” said the daughter of the Asri and Dicky. “It’s even more fun because I can also decorate cupcakes as desired and I can take it home to show it to my parents”. She would definitely participate if IMCQ holds another similar event. ”

Meanwhile, Aleena (7) and Fauzia (5), who are sisters, both had similar experiences. “My experience at the cupcake decorating and brownies workshop was excellent. I got to do the icing in whatever way I want. I like making the brownies because it was fun and yummm … ” said Aleena. “That was really fun and I want to do it again,” said Fauzia. Still from the participants, Eliya Arifin who is the mother of Alma (4) was also very impressed with this event. She hopes that this event can continue. “Consistency is a key to success … please arrange similar activities for the children during every school holidays period.” (Lutfi)


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